“Working with Mike at Functional Holistics turned out to be the perfect fit for me!

I had worked with other personal trainers before and also on my own at 24 Hour Fitness and yes, have “dieted” off and on for the last 10 years. Yet, nothing worked until I met Mike and followed the plan he carefully outlined for me…for my metabolic type, age and level of strength.  With his nutrition plan and fitness workout I lost about 14 pounds and lots of inches in two and a half months.  Finally something made sense and worked…and it’s something I found easy to “stick to”.

Mike is very knowledgeable…and passionate about what he provides to his clients.
His approach is “holistic” combining, body, mind and spirit.  I felt very comfortable talking to him about all of my fitness and dietary concerns…his easy going manner and genuine “openness” makes for a great partnership for anyone seeking “wellness”.”

- Pattie Williams

“I have only been working with Mike for a few months, but have seen amazing results!  I have a pretty healthy diet and lifestyle to begin with, but I contracted Mike’s nutritional and lifestyle coaching services to help with my hypoglycemia, improve my digestion and increase my energy levels.  Mike identified my metabolic type and gave me dietary recommendations that were highly specific and individualized, yet easy to follow.  Within the first week on the diet Mike helped me make some simple adjustments that produced major results.  Most remarkable was how eliminating sugar and corn products got rid of some major issues (halitosis, chronic irritation/inflamation in my throat and tonsils, lethargy) within 48 hours! Additionally, Mike helped me figure out what kind of breakfast would provide me with maximum energy throughout the day- now I am no longer hypoglycemic and hungry and snacking all day long! Finally, Mike has recommended a number of supplements that have greatly improved my digestion and energy levels.  The results within the first few weeks were spectacular, and we are just getting started!  Mike’s enthusiasm and deep knowledge about nutrition has inspired me to make my health a priority – I look forward to continuing to work with him and take advantage of the many health resources he and Functional Holistics have to offer.”

- Nielan B

“Michael Baiocchi helped me recognize the root cause of my migraines and every day headaches. With his help and suggestions I eliminated all trigger foods that we identified and am happy to say NO MIGRAINES in two weeks, and my normal every day headaches (were pretty debilitating, even for minor headaches) have gone, except two 30 minute headaches that ceased as soon as I drank water and ate a healthy snack. I have introduced magnesium (deficiencies found in migrainiers) and various b vitamins, along with flax, spirulina, and hemp seed powder. I would send any of my girlfriends with diet/health needs to Michael. He is educated, and very compassionate. From the get go I felt like he really cared about my health and well being. I can see this as his life’s purpose: to pass the message of how diet and exercise can change your life dramatically in a positive way. I FEEL GOOD today. More energy, happier, healthier, and migraine free. Thank you Michael!”

- Shana Squier

“After taking nutrition classes in college, i thought i had my diet all figured out. I grew up an athlete and considered myself a highly educated and healthy individual. Since becoming a patient of Michael Baiocchi, i can honestly say the knowledge he has shared with me about my body and the way it functions has completely transformed my overall health and changed my life. I used to believe that i suffered from anxiety and depression because i was born that way, and that the medications my psychiatrist recommended were the only answer. I am proud to say that i no longer take any of the medications i used to, nor do i see a psychiatrist or a therapist. Michael’s passion for understanding the human body and how each individual is very different is obvious. he did not treat me like a client, but a caring & helping friend. i can not imagine living the rest of my life the way i used to, and can sincerely say that functional holistics saved my life!”

- Dane Drobny

Six months ago, I was overweight, depressed, and fatigued despite my best efforts to eat and exercise in a way I thought was “healthy”. Overwhelmed and frustrated, I turned to Mike on the high recommendations of a friend. Even after just the first phone consultation, I knew I was getting on the right path. He was professional, responsive, and pointed, showing me exactly what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to turn my health around. I began my journey with the primary goal of weight loss, but as Mike first suggested to me six months ago, real health is so much more. So far I’ve lost over thirty pounds, but more importantly, I feel amazing: vibrant, energized, and content, thanks to Mike’s sound professional counsel. The way I think about nutrition, fitness, and the health of my body has all been challenged and changed, and definitely for the better! Thank you, Mike!

- Heather F.      San Jose, CA